Totally Brain Dad takes on the Mile High City

Words and photos by Ben Osborn, creator of Totally Brain Dad.  Follow along on Ben's FASTZach Route or #FindYourRoute in other cities across the U.S. At the end of June, TBD went west to visit the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado. What a fun and beautiful place! I was there for a serious reason, the 2018 … Continue reading Totally Brain Dad takes on the Mile High City

Superior Running Routes in Duluth, MN

Distance running has a long history in Duluth. As you may know, Grandma’s Marathon began here during the “marathon boom" of the 1970's. You may think that with the harshness of the northern Minnesota winters that outdoor distance running would be “too hard” or not worth it, but runners in northern Minnesota are a tough breed. We run in 20 below wind-chill, we run in snow storms, we run in the humidity and heat of the summer months, and we run straight up the many hills in town. Duluth runners are not and cannot be “fair weather” runners.