Superior Running Routes in Duluth, MN

Distance running has a long history in Duluth. As you may know, Grandma’s Marathon began here during the “marathon boom" of the 1970's. You may think that with the harshness of the northern Minnesota winters that outdoor distance running would be “too hard” or not worth it, but runners in northern Minnesota are a tough breed. We run in 20 below wind-chill, we run in snow storms, we run in the humidity and heat of the summer months, and we run straight up the many hills in town. Duluth runners are not and cannot be “fair weather” runners.

4 Favorite Twin Cities Running Routes

Minneapolis/St.Paul has been consistently rated one the healthiest and most active places to live in the United States. We know what you’re thinking - isn’t it cold? You betcha! But no amount of cold or snow or ice can keep hardy Minnesotans indoors for long. One of our very favorite parts about being based in the … Continue reading 4 Favorite Twin Cities Running Routes