Discover Miami with These 3 Running Routes!


Miami is home to a budding running community filled with great races, beautiful & scenic running routes, fantastic running stores, and more!

Local races such as the Baptist Health Turkey Day Run Miami in Tropical Park and the ALS 5k in Coconut Grove are super fun, and the Miami Marathon and Half Marathon draw crowds from all over the U.S., Latin America, and the world.

The city of Miami was developed after the advent of the automobile, so it is quite large and sprawling. However, its extended coastline, canals, and bridges provide for scenic views no matter which direction you run.

Below, we share a few of our favorite running routes recommended by a Miami local and taken from the FASTZach app!

3 Scenic Miami Running Routes

1. Venetian Causeway – 7.5 miles

(View route and link to app)

This bridge, or rather, series of bridges connecting 6 small residential islands, consists of some of the later miles in the Miami Half Marathon (and some of the middle miles in the Marathon).  Running over the 3-mile causeway offers spectacular views of the Intracoastal Waterway with Miami Beach to the east and mainland Miami to the West.  Depending on the time of day, the bridge also has good views of approaching and departing cruise ships.  Finally, the route begins and ends near fun spots for snacks and brunch – on the Miami Beach side you can get fresh drinks and prepared foods at Fresh Market or Epicure, and run a little further on the Mainland side and you can easily reach trendy breweries (J. Wakefield, Veza Sur, Concrete Beach) and doughnut spots (Salty Donut, Federal Donuts) in Wynwood.

2. Miami Beach Boardwalk – 6 miles

(View route and link to app)

The Boardwalk begins at about 46th Street at Mid-Beach and continues to 23rd Street, at which point it becomes a paved road, for just under 2 miles of soft wooden planks.  However, the major benefits of this route include its shade, the ocean breeze, its proximity to a post-run dip in the Atlantic, and some great people watching with several trendy hotels located nearby. I recommend going early in the morning if possible in order to enjoy the route without too many pedestrians. Continue south on the paved path until 1st street and finish up at Nikki Beach for a cold beverage. Yum!

3. Old Cutler Trail – 5 Miles

(View route and link to app)

Located in Southeast Miami in a residential part of town, this is one of my favorite places for long runs in South Florida (you can easily get 20+ miles running an out-and-back on the trail). The Old Cutler Trail is paved with soft asphalt, but be wary of the roots of the large banyan trees, which provide great shade all year.  South of Southwest 88th Street, the trail follows the Snapper Creek Canal, where you can see lots of swamp wildlife, including turtles, herons, cranes, peacocks and even the occasional alligator.  Take a detour into Matheson Hammock Park for a sweeping view of the ocean and Miami Beach in the distance.  Pinecrest Wayside Market, located at 100th Street, has great strawberry milkshakes, smoothies, and salads for post-run refueling.

Get Out and Route!

Remember, there’s always somewhere new to explore – no matter where you’re running! #GETOUTANDROUTE!


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